Welcome to Mobi-Lok, locksmiths in Limpopo

Mobi-Lok strives to be the most professional, mobile Locksmiths in Limpopo. We are able to perform a lock pick on any vehicle and safe anywhere in Limpopo. Should you need a new car key, we are able to cut and program most car keys as well as cut any safe key anywhere in Limpopo.

We also open houses and offices but we only offer these services to clients in Polokwane. Also, we supply and cut any key for houses, offices and safes. We are skilled and posses a wide range of skills as well as years of experience.

Why choose Mobi-Lok?

  • Being Mobile means that we have the ability to work on site. This saves time and money.
  • We are able to cut and program car keys on site. This means that the car won’t have to be towed away and then opened by the dealer.
  • We are quicker than conventional locksmiths.

We are only an appointment away. Contact us to supply you with keys or open your car in case of an emergency.